Steve Perri

Butler High School Girls Soccer Head Coach (AAAA Playoff Qualifer 4 Consecutive Years)

Steve is a young, yet accomplished coach. He was a player at Northern Steel for three years and when given the opportunity to start his coaching career back at his former club, he jumped at the chance to get back to his roots. Having graduated from Slippery Rock University with an Exercise Science degree, Steve incorporates speed and agility, footwork, nutrition, and much more into all of his teams. While at SRU, Steve was a three-year captain of the soccer team. His coach saw in him a natural-born leader. Steve carries that with him still, which allows him to excel as a coach. He holds both USSF and USC (former NSCAA) licenses, while also gathering Coerver and NFHS certificates along the way. Steve is currently our Academy Director of Coaching for both the boys and girls programs. He lives in Renfrew with his wife (Holly) and three kids (Luca, Macy, and Theo).


"I had the privilege of playing under Steve Perri throughout my high school career. Steve was also given the challenge of coaching my cup team, who had a reputation of being difficult to work with. Our team was full of stubborn, 16 to 18 year old boys. As a first year coach, Steve came in and completely flipped the team around. He learned how to handle each of our personalities and knew exactly how to motivate each player on the team. 

Steve’s best characteristic is his ability to recognize each player’s strengths and weaknesses and build off of them. He knew what players he had to push and what players he needed to be more compassionate with, which I think can be the hardest part about coaching. 

Steve taught me more than how to become a better player. He pushed me both on and off the field, and I think it set me up to be a better and more successful person in my every day life. Looking back, I’m grateful to Steve for pushing me and making me want to be a better player. Its evident now how Steve’s guidance has led me to strive for success in my career and personal life. 

It’s more than just a coaching job for Steve. He genuinely wants to make all of his players better people on and off the field. He constantly checks in with his team and is an active part of his players’ lives. I honestly have never met a player that could talk badly about Steve. He has been one of the most influential people in my life, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to learn under him."

Josh Brake

Northern Steel Alumni - 1993 birthyear

“Steve is an exceptional coach.  He has played an instrumental role in Sarah’s development as both a player and a person.   Steve not only teaches how to play and what to do in game situations, but he also takes time to explain “why”.  This approach gives players increased ability and confidence to make their own soccer decisions without constant direction.  This truly differentiates Steve as a coach.   Sarah thrived in this environment.  She has gained a tremendous understanding of the game and has developed leadership skills that will last a lifetime.  As Sarah moves on to play at the collegiate level,  she leaves Northern Steel with a foundation that will serve her well on the field, in the classroom and beyond in her professional career.”


Jeff Lipniskis

(Sarah Lipniskis)

Former 1999 Intensity Parent