Promoting Yourself

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Make first contact!  Introduce yourself to college coaches with an email outlining your interest in their program and why you are interested.  It is important to attach your player profile and video (if you have it) in that email and all future emails.


Your initial email to a college coach should include:

  • Name & Grad Year in the title of the email – this helps college coaches because of contact rules depending on your grad year
  • Reasons why you are interested in the school (academics, location, soccer team, size of school, etc.)
  • Upcoming schedule for league and tournament/showcase games (include your Jersey #, Jersey Color, Field #, Location, Time, Date)
  • Address the email to the head coach; “Dear Coach Smith”
  • Your club coach, club director, and/or high school coaches contact information – this helps college coaches follow up with people that know you well and get more information

Attach your player profile you’ve created and attach any video you have prepared