Creating a Player Profile

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It is important that you use a document that outlines important information college coaches want to know about potential recruits:

  • Name, Graduation Year, GPA, SAT/ACT, Email, Phone Number, High School, Possible Major Interested In, Individual Achievements/Awards, ODP, Extra Curricular Involvement

Creating a personal recruiting email will be very beneficial.  Sample: [email protected]

This will allow you to track all interactions with college coaches and also avoids issues with odd email names.  Clean and simple is better.

Video is very helpful especially if you are looking to go to a college that is much further away and might not be able to watch you play in person.  The video shouldn’t really exceed 5 minutes.  Having an attention grabber at the beginning is important and making sure the highlights are truly worthy of being viewed.  The video itself should be easy to view.  Having a vantage point makes the picture better but also being slightly zoomed in does as well.  If it looks like ants running around or it is not easy to figure out who you are in the video then it is difficult for a college coach to get any useful information from the highlight.