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Your grades are everything!  College coaches will always look into your GPA and SAT/ACT score because every school has certain admission standards and scholarships.  The higher the GPA and SAT/ACT score you have the more money you will typically be eligible for.  Soccer is an equivalency sport meaning typically no player is receiving a full athletic scholarship.  There are more players than athletic scholarships available so most coaches divide those scholarships across their team.  This is why your grades are so important because there is typically more academic money available than athletic.  You are more marketable as a top student for multiple reasons.  You have proven you can get your work done and will be less of a liability in college with staying eligible and getting good grades.  Having good grades could mean more academic scholarships which means a coach won’t have to give you as much athletic scholarship money to make up the difference.

Start strong!  It is ideal to get the best grades possible in your freshman year and continue to do your best.  It is harder when you don’t start out as strong and then try to make up the difference in your junior/senior year.